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Rep. Donna Seidel Supports President Obama’s Investment in Education


This past Thursday, Representative Donna Seidel of the 85th Assembly District spoke with women in Wausau, WI. Here are some of her remarks:

“As a mother and legislator, I’m proud to support President Obama’s work on women’s healthcare and economic equality. I support President Obama’s efforts to invest in education and innovation to build our economy from the middle class out, not the top down.”

A good education can’t be a luxury for the few – it’s an economic necessity for Wisconsin and the nation that leads to good jobs and a strong middle class.”

“President Obama supports investing in education for all Wisconsin students. The Obama administration is working to improve early childhood learning programs and the President’s Recovery Act supported almost 8,000 education jobs in Wisconsin. Keeping teachers in classrooms helps our students and the President is proposing a plan that will prevent future teacher layoffs and hire tens of thousands more teachers. As a mother, and as someone who knows our Wisconsin schools, smaller class sizes directly improve student success.”

“After graduation, our students need to be prepared to compete in a global economy. Six out of every 10 jobs in the next 10 years are going to require a degree or certification beyond high school. That’s why President Obama is committed to keeping college affordable for all Wisconsin students and families—doubling Pell Grant funding and eliminating the middle man to keep student loan interest rates low. In Wisconsin, nearly 130,000 students received Pell Grants to further their education.”

Cutting education? Raising taxes on middle-class Wisconsinites? Giving billionaires a tax break? These are not Wisconsin values.

“We have a clear choice to make on November 6. We can choose to invest in an American future that believes in giving every student a quality education, ends gender discrimination and puts middle-class Wisconsin families first or we can go back to the failed policies of the past. The President is standing up for women and has a real, achievable plan to grow our economy from the ground up creating a country where hard work is rewarded and responsibility pays off.”

Will you stand up for him and commit to vote?

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