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Relationships built to last

There’s more than one kind of relationship – and there’s more than one way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

This year, I spent my Valentine’s Day afternoon at the OFA Oakland County headquarters in Pontiac, where I got to know a great group of OFA team members, volunteers and supporters.

It was an all-day open house, where anyone could stop in for a one-on-one conversation with an OFA organizer to learn more about getting involved. Dozens of people came by to talk — and every one of them left feeling fired up and ready to go.

The enthusiasm was there before people walked in the door. After an organizer asked a new volunteer some questions about themselves and their interests, people committed to host house parties. They made phone calls to other supporters right then and there. They signed up to join neighborhood teams or data entry. There’s truly a volunteer opportunity for everyone.

Everyone who was there today had a reason for wanting to organize for the President. From family members who had been lost to cancer because they couldn’t afford preventative treatment to Pell grants that made it possible to go back to school – there was a story in every meeting, and they’re going to help in making the case for this campaign in Oakland County.

With energy and enthusiasm like this, there’s nothing that teams in North Oakland, Ferndale or Southfield can’t do. Sign up to have a conversation with us and get involved today.

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