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#RegtoVote Weekend of Action in Michigan

Rain or shine, volunteers across Michigan gathered to take part in a nationwide Voter Registration Weekend of Action. Despite the cooler-than-average April temperatures on Saturday, volunteeers were undeterred - and rewarded with better weather on Sunday.

In Detroit, 11 year-old Dakari registered voters with his mother Marquita for three hours. He had some advice for us:

“You can’t vote in November unless you fill out this piece of paper for the state!”

In Lansing, the Marshalls kept volunteers moving -

"If one location gets a little slow, you call around to your friends and find another place with more people! There’s always someone who isn’t registered - even if you have to ask ten people before you get to them.”

And in Kalamazoo, volunteers like Taylor found plenty of first-timers to register.

“There were plenty of people we registered who had never cast a ballot - from teenagers to adults. You never know until you ask.”

If you missed out on this weekend, we’ve got plenty to do in the coming days, weeks and months. Sign up to volunteer today.

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