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#RegToVote Weekend of Action: Day 1

The Lansing neighborhood team hard at work registering voters outside the local grocery store.

Volunteers across the country have been out since early this morning helping to register their friends and neighbors to vote. In Lansing, Michigan, Edwina and her team weren’t deterred by the unseasonal weather:

“It’s cold, but we’ll be out all day today,” she said, “and we’ll be back tomorrow!”

At a Latinos for Obama voter registration drive in Colorado, folks were excited to be out speaking to voters.

“My favorite part is convincing people that their vote matters in 2012,” explained Ulises, “and then seeing them register.”

“This is my first time voting in a Presidential,” added Blanca, “and I'm so excited I get to do it for Barack Obama.”

Tamila registered to vote today in Gary, Indiana, and couldn’t believe how easy it was:

“If we don't do it right this time, the last four years are for nothing. And all you need to know to register is your name and address!”

There are more voter registration events happening in neighborhoods across the country tomorrow—use our event look-up tool to find one near you. And if you’ve been out today let us know how it went in the comments, or by using the #RegToVote hashtag on Twitter and sharing your photos on Instagram.

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