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Registering Lansing

“We register voters because it’s the right—and privilege—of Michigan residents to choose the leaders that best represent our communities.”

David Lockhart, Team Lansing’s voter registration captain, spends his time organizing registration drives and working with other volunteers to reach out to local residents.

“Like any aspect of our work as a team, it all starts with a conversation,” David explains. “You ask people, ‘Are you registered to vote?’ If ‘yes,’ then we make sure to ask if their registration is up to date—particularly if they’ve moved. If ‘no,’ then we ask for a few minutes of their time to fill out a form that will ensure their entry at the polls this fall—and in future elections. While residents fill out the forms, we’ll often talk to them about the issues they care about, and how they can help get others to register to vote. It becomes a domino effect.”

David and his team get creative when it comes to choosing venues for voter registration drives, looking for places where people are most likely to be.

“Registration drives at libraries, post offices, and schools will always be successful—but those aren’t the only places where Lansing residents are. The bus terminal in downtown Lansing, the grocery store, the coffee hour after a Sunday church service—these are places where people mingle and talk about the issues of the day.”

The voter registration team will be establishing dedicated places where folks can go to register to vote, starting with setting up a tent in the parking lot of a local strip mall. As David explains:

“Everything we do from now until November—making calls, spreading the word of the President’s accomplishments, registering residents to vote and then getting them to the polls—is what will make our movement stronger and ensure a win for President Obama here in Lansing.”

Ready to register voters with a neighborhood team in your own community? Sign up to volunteer today, and keep up to date with the latest from Team Lansing by following OFA Michigan on Twitter.

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