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Regional Update: Tidewater

"Great session, I am excited to be a part of the movement!" Tina V. – Hampton, VA
Hampton GPS

Volunteer organizers across the Hampton Roads region brought new and old supporters together to learn about the 2012 campaign last week. In the Hampton area, organizers had their first Grassroots Planning Session, and it was a huge success. New volunteers and supporters returning from 2008 were excited to jump into the team-based organizing and the opportunity to mobilize their own neighborhoods for President Obama’s 2012 campaign.

Legacy lunch Chesapeake

Meanwhile, a few miles south in Chesapeake, Community Organizer Pat O. held a “legacy” volunteer reunion lunch for locals who worked hard to elect the President in 2008, but have not been able to volunteer since. The reunion was a happy mix of catching up with old friends and learning about our strategy for success in 2012. By the end, Pat reported the group said "We are all in…again!"

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