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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Liz is Excited to Get Involved

Liz B. is in

Today I held a one on one meeting with Liz from Syracuse who will be starting as a Summer Organizer in June. Liz just graduated from Earlham College, a small Liberal Arts college in Indiana, where she was a Political Science major. She is excited to get some real world experience in the field this summer.

Liz was an Obama supporter from the start. Originally from Virginia, she recalled election night of 2008 when she wouldn't do her homework or go to sleep until they called Virginia and Indiana for Obama, which happened after midnight. Liz has some experience doing student voter registration and is really excited to be part of the Summer Organizer Team in Syracuse this summer. Liz is passionate about getting out the vote and stressing President Obama's accomplishments to everyone she can. She will definitely be an asset to the team here in New York.

If participating in a one-on-one sounds like something that might interest you, please come by our offices at 25. E. 21st. st in Manhattan anytime between 1pm and 5pm and we'll set you up with an Obama 2012 staffer or volunteer. Can't make it to headquarters? Leave a comment below or send us a message on facebook telling us how to get in touch with you and we'll set something up!

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