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Reggie Love pays a visit to OFA-DC

Reggie Love Shares Life Experiences with DC SOs

DC Summer Organizers were surprised with a guest visit from Reggie Love, President Obama’s special assistant and personal aide.

Sarah P., an organizer from Arkansas says she was “totally surprised.” They were told they were having a guest that was close to the President, but had no clue that it was President Obama’s “body man.” Sarah reflecting on the experience said that “he did a really good job and seemed very down to earth. It was inspiring to see that there are people like that in the higher level positions in government.”

Love shared his life story with the group emphasizing that they should “do everything well.” He continued by saying that “whatever you do will have significance to you or someone else in a position higher than you in an organization. There is value in everything that you do.”

Andrew D. from California’s favorite part of Love’s address was his equation for success which he spelled out as “when preparation and opportunity meets.” Andrew says it stuck out to him because “it explained that success describes how luck and effort contribute greatly to one’s success and the fact that without one or the other you won’t be successful or achieve your goal.”

Reggie Love Talks to DC Summer Organizers

Love, who spoke for nearly an hour, took questions from the audience asking about a variety of topics such as moments that defined his life, what it’s like to play President Obama in basketball, and how he overcomes the challenges that come with the job.

Love was honest, open, and encouraged the summer organizers to always be “present” at work focusing on the task at hand and to leave personal matters at the door, to always follow up, and to remember that the world is small and your brand follows you wherever you go.”

Reggie Love will most likely be on hand as President Obama celebrates his 50th birthday on Wednesday night in Chicago. Will you help us celebrate in DC? Find an event in your community and RSVP.

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