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Reflecting on Sandra Fluke's visit

Fluke 6

Sandra Fluke's visit here this week was an excellent reminder of how much progress we have made on women's health under President Obama’s healthcare. The Affordable Care Act has guaranteed my three children continued healthcare under our current plan, for which I am eternally grateful.

Knowing that Mitt Romney has promised to repeal the ACA is the very reason I am backing the President in November, and why I'm volunteering for him today. We will only take backward steps under a Romney/Ryan government and it worries me, not just as a mother but as a woman too. Women deserve the right to choose, a right that will be taken away if the President loses in November. We just can’t go back to this. So much progress has been made over the last 4 years; we must continue to move forward, not back.

Healthcare should be affordable, accessible and adequate for all–regardless of your gender. I’m in because I know that the President is working towards these goals. It’s easy to say you’re in. Do it now.

Do it now

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