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Story #30: Two recent grads work for the President to secure the best possible future

will and luke

Luke and Will just moved back to Portsmouth after graduating from Emmanuel College earlier this year. This election could not be more important for people just beginning their careers, and that's why these two have been volunteering their time to work to re-elect President Obama. For them, another four years for the President means greater access to opportunity for everyone.

Will explains:

"There are so many reasons why we are here getting involved, but I guess, for me, it's being able to stick on my parent's insurance plan that really secured it for me. Being covered until I'm 26 is a real weight off of my mind, not just for me, but for my parents too. I don't think people realize how much that helps when you're starting out on your own."

Luke also feels the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, but his support for the President doesn't end there:

"My greatest fear this summer was the real risk of our student loan rates doubling. I still find it hard to believe that the Republican Party didn't even try to challenge this, that they were going to let this happen without any consideration for students like me. President Obama understands that education isn't a luxury– but an economic imperative, that we should all be able to afford. That was when I realized President Obama is on my side. He's the one fighting for young people, so we're here to fight for him."

Will and Luke know the best way to stand with President Obama is to knock on some doors. We're 30 days out, it's time Join them by committing to volunteer this week!


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