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Reason #6 - Opportunities for Our Kids


President Obama's policies are creating jobs today, they are also giving our children and our children's children a more hopeful future.

Like most four-year-olds, my four-year-old is very much not involved in politics. But if he’s anything like me, he’ll be active and involved when he’s voting in the midterms of 2026. That may sound like a long time from now, but President Obama knows that we have to play a long game, instituting sound policy today that will benefit us far into the future.

The President of the next four years will have opportunities to appoint new Supreme Court judges as well as implement fully implement Obamacare.

This election offers us two clear paths: one that continues moving us forward, into a future that ensures that we all have a fair shot and we all play by the same rules; and one that moves us back into the failed policies of a past administration.

I want to know that public schools will be strengthened and supported, and that young people will be encouraged to pursue a career in teaching because jobs have been created and incentives are in place. I want to know that Pell Grants will be available if my child needs them; that opportunities for jobs in technology, energy research and development, and manufacturing are there when he finishes his education.

It’s important that we give President Obama four more years to finish what he has started, so all children, including mine, will have even more opportunity than their parents.

Volunteer today.

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