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Reason #5 - Middle Class Tax Cuts


President Obama knows that the economy grows when the Middle Class does well. That’s why he has cut taxes for middle class families in Minnesota and supported 18 tax credits designed to help small businesses.

Carolyn S. is a small business owner and florist in St. Paul.

Just knowing the fact President Obama supports small business with tax credits is a huge sigh of relief for me. I know he’s working to turn our economy around, and that means a lot to me.

Here in Minnesota, a typical middle class family is saving $3,700 on their taxes every year. That’s $3,700 more for college, for car payments, even for a family night at the movies. It’s money that really matters to families.

And small business owners like Carolyn are saving too. There are over 116,000 small businesses in Minnesota eligible for one of President Obama’s tax credits, that means more job and more economic growth throughout the state.

President Obama is helping to grow the economy by strengthening the middle class and making the tax code more fair. It’s just another reason why small business owners and families across Minnesota are supporting President Obama this year.

If you support President Obama, help get out the vote.

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