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Real Life Rosie the Riveter Meets the First Lady


In her 102 years, Bea C. has lived a dynamic, vibrant life, but there was one experience she felt was missing: She had yet to meet and share her history with a First Lady of the United States.

And what a history! As a World War II veteran and real-life Rosie the Riveter, Bea has spent more than 70 years supporting the U.S. military and her local community. She served at Douglas Aircraft Company as one of the thousands of female factory workers who aided the war effort by producing munitions and war supplies.

Feeling her contribution was not enough, she joined the U.S. Army. As a Private First Class, Bea was stationed in England, working in the communications department with top-secret mimeographed documents. Reflecting on her military career, Bea says, “There isn't anything a woman cannot do.”

When asked what she would like to accomplish in 2012, she answered, “To collect clean socks for homeless veterans and to meet First Lady Michelle Obama.” This month, her dream came true when she met Mrs. Obama in San Diego. Mrs. Obama thanked Bea for her service to both the country and her military community. In her role as First Lady, Mrs. Obama has shown a passion for supporting military families.

We have to rally around for these families. We have to be that safety net for them because, they’re leaving to serve us. They’re fighting for the rights and freedoms of all of us. And that’s what’s moved me about this effort.

Mrs. Obama and the President are fighting for military families. Come fight for them.

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