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#ReadyToGo: OSU students at work

OSU students #ReadyToGo for President Obama on May 5th!

Meet some of the dedicated Ohio State University volunteers and spring fellows who are making sure their campus is #ReadyToGo for President Obama's rally this Saturday.

"As an Ohio State student, I could not be more honored to have the President kick off his campaign at The Ohio State University," says Sara, a spring fellow. "Since we received the news that the President was coming here, our team has been working around the clock. We have been flyering, chalking, making posters, tweeting, posting, literally everything that we can do to get students to the rally. The Obama campaign at Ohio State is dedicated, passionate, fired up, and ready to go."

Marie, also a spring fellow, adds:

"We've been crazy busy, but it's been really awesome and super rewarding. We're really excited to see President Obama. We've had so many new volunteers come in the last couple of days, and yesterday we had some who did triple shifts—they volunteered for six straight hours. Friends were volunteering together, and it's a lot of fun, so it wasn't surprising to see people stick around after their first volunteer shift."

Check back for more updates from Ohio—and if you're headed to Columbus for the rally, don't forget to RSVP.

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