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Ready to go: Patty’s team

“She’s the kind of person who will roll up her sleeves and get down to business to do whatever it takes to help her team and get others inspired to get involved.”
—Alexa Kissinger, regional field director for Albermarle County, Virginia.

Patty’s neighborhood team in rural Virginia is hard at work every day, registering voters and getting new neighbors on board to volunteer for President Obama.

This is a special week for Patty’s team: On Saturday, Team Crozet will be rewarded for all their hard work. They’ll be hearing from President Obama and the First Lady at the Ready to Go rally in Richmond:

“I’m really excited to not only get to see the President, but also spend more time with my team,” Patty said. “I’m so happy to get to share this experience together.

“For me this is what’s fun about being a neighborhood team leader—connecting with people. When Alexa asked me to do this, I didn’t think I would be qualified, I had no experience at all in this sort of thing, but the campaign has helped me every step of the way. I’ve always had help available. Any questions I’ve ever had—the training is amazing. I feel like almost every day in my role as neighborhood team leader I learn a new skill that I didn’t have before.”

You can be part of this weekend’s rallies, too—tune in to on Saturday to watch the livestream.

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