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Ready to Go: Catching up with David in Dublin

Two days out from the Ready to Go rally in Ohio, neighborhood team leader David explained why volunteers are out in full force at phone banks in Dublin and across the state:

“Tonight we're making calls to as many people as we can. We're leading with the event, because that's the big news. We actually had one phone bank on the schedule for tonight, but we split it in two because we've never had this many people before. There was a little extra incentive because we're giving out VIP tickets to people who do phone banks.

"This is something unusual—it's an honor to have the President and the First Lady coming here for this. As volunteers, we get to have an impact on whether it's a successful rally or not, so it's not hard to convince people that these are important calls to make."

When asked whether he'll be at Saturday's rally, David doesn't hesitate:

"Oh yeah. I'll be there. I'm going to show up and make some noise."

If you're in Ohio, join volunteers like David at Saturday's rally.

I'm ready to go

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