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Ready to Go: 24 hours

Following a week of phone banks, flyering, and knocking on doors to spread the word about tomorrow's Ready to Go rally, staff and volunteers headed into the final 24 hours with a pep talk from Ohio Field Director Jenn Brown:

"There are a few moments in the campaign where we have the ability to set the tone for the election. We have the ability to truly make a difference—and this rally tomorrow with this team here is one of those moments. We knew that the President could do his first event in Ohio because of you guys. So I want you to just be swelling with pride. I want your cheeks to hurt from smiling 24 hours from today.

"We are going to ask everyone to go out one last time today and make sure there's not a single last person in Columbus who doesn't know that they need to be here tomorrow. We're going to have everyone go out for one last shift, and then we're going to come back together and we have a ton of stuff to do tonight to get ready.

"So you guys know how big this is. You know how important this is. So just dig deep. 24 more hours.

"And when the President comes out tomorrow and looks out and he smiles and he says 'Hello Ohio,' and there are thousands of people there cheering back at him, I want you to feel the pride in that moment. And keep that moment with you through the tough times over the next few months—through the dog days of summer. This moment today when we made a huge huge impact on this campaign and a huge difference for the President. So let's go out there today and do this."

Watch the Columbus rally live online at 12:45 p.m. ET tomorrow.

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