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Ready for Action August

"We will own August."

That's how Jon Carson expressed his enthusiasm to Organizing for Action volunteers at the Action August Summit. This month, OFA supporters have a chance to capture the national conversation around key issues and make sure Americans are being heard and represented.

Why August? Members of Congress will be leaving Washington and traveling to their home districts, where they will spend most of the month. It's a unique opportunity for lawmakers to hear directly from the people they represent.

OFA has been getting ready for their arrival by hosting large scale trainings, collecting pledges to participate in local Action August events, and recruiting others to get involved through phone banking and house meetings.

We're also empowering supporters to get involved by providing access to resources and tools in one convenient online location. The Action August center let's you:

  • Take action online by signing and sharing issue petitions or writing letters to the editor

  • Find local events happening near you

  • Download sharable information and facts about the issues you care about

  • Learn about all the types of action you can take to make an impact

  • Report back on the actions you've taken and how it went

August is here. While OFA volunteers get ready to make some noise, it's not too late to be part of the action. This is what a grassroots movement is all about.

Let's go own this month.

Get involved

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