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Ramping up for Action August

OFA volunteers from across the country met in Washington, DC, this week for the first-ever Action August Summit. In preparation for a month-long effort to turn up the pressure on Congress while they are home for August recess, the summit included breakout sessions on key issue areas and tactics, as well as remarks from several leaders, including Sen. Harry Reid, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and President Obama.

Carol Baumgartel, the OFA New Mexico chapter lead, could not help but notice the energy of each volunteer. She said, “This is a group where no one holds back, because we have worked too hard to see our work undone. This is a time to bring it home.”

Participants like Carol said above all, they felt the biggest impact on the event came from having the chance to meet other OFA volunteers.

Bonnie London, an OFA chapter leader in Sacramento, California, said she was most impressed by her conversations with OFA members from other chapters. “It was inspiring to see the amount of commitment and dedication, how important the cause is to them."

The energy of volunteers was tangible during breakout sessions, where participants shared common goals and strategies.

"It was great to talk about the nuts and bolts of our organizations with other volunteers," said London. "It was clear the national organization values the volunteers who are on the ground. OFA has taken to heart that volunteers are truly the core."

Volunteers left the summit fired up and ready to tackle what is sure to be an eventful August.

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