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OFA volunteers urge Congress to give women a #FairShot

Two out of three minimum wage workers are women. This includes mothers doing their best to support their families despite not earning a living wage. OFA volunteers organized in their communities on Thursday to bring attention to this issues, and to ask Congress to support legislation to raise the federal minimum wage.

Supporters were out in full force, letting people know that raising the minimum wage will have a positive effect on the economy:

Grand Forks, North Dakota—Volunteers in Grand Forks reached out to neighbors to encourage them to call Sen. Hoeven and urge his support for a minimum wage increase. They also made some beautiful cookies.

Grand Rapids, Michigan—OFA Spring Fellow Olivia Gilbert kicked off the meeting by telling her personal story, then joined a discussion of how raising the minimum wage helps women. Afterward, volunteers planned upcoming events in their community to build support for raising the wage.

Knoxville, Tennessee—"No one is guaranteed success in America, but everyone deserves a fair shot to succeed," said volunteer Pamela. "We need to make sure women earn what they deserve and have a fair chance to succeed in the workplace."

San Fernando Valley, California—At the Amelia Earhart statue in North Hollywood Park, an OFA volunteer spoke to press to send the message to Congress that raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 is the right thing to do, while behind her, a fired up character got the word out as well.

Cincinnati, Ohio—Volunteers worked together to write letters to the editor of local news outlets.

Pearland, Texas—At a Stand with Women house meeting, OFA Spring Fellow Oneida led a discussion on how America can give women a #FairShot.

See more tweets and photos in the slideshow below:

OFA volunteers across the country are stepping up the pressure on their members of Congress to raise the minimum wage. Add your name, and tell Congress to give American workers a fair shot.
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