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Ques are IN for Obama 2012

Ques IN for Obama

Being a DC summer organizer was the best decision I've made this summer-hands down. As a SO, I have tried to think of ways that I could help build the campaign here in D.C. and nationally. I decided to link with some of my old classmates who were members of prominent fraternities and mobilize them for Obama 2012.

This year the African American fraternity Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc., celebrated its 100th year anniversary in Washington, DC.
The Omega convention was a great place to meet supporters and to let people know about the campaign.

I knew it would be challenging, but I had a mission to get convention attendees to be “IN” for 2012. The first day of the convention, we set up a table draped with Obama literature and a life-size poster of the President. The summer organizers had an amazing time and were able to sign up over hundred people in under two hours.

That evening the summer organizers and volunteers, including Omega lead, Che S., had an even more successful time! The response was overwhelming and the fraternity brothers were excited to see the Obama 2012 table at their event. Many supporters posed with the life- size poster of the President and even gave testimonials about why they have and continue to support him.

Overall, it was an amazing experience organizing African American men, who are already committed to their fraternity, and transferring their energy into activism for President Obama. Are you interested in doing the same?

Apply to be a Fall Fellow here in DC. You won't regret the experience!

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