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Q & A with Broward County RFD Meaghan Hardy

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Meaghan in Broward County

We're excited to have Meaghan join the campaign in Broward County as a Regional Field Director. This morning we sat down with her for a quick Q & A.

What’s the best thing about organizing for President Obama?

Hands down it’s the spirit of shared purpose that I’ve felt with our diverse, driven volunteers. Here’s an example -- I've made calls with people as young as 11 or 12 who were excited to be involved in a campaign. And I’ve also worked with Seniors who hadn't been involved since the ‘60s because until we reached out they felt left out and disengaged.

Regional Field Director -- what does that mean?

Regional Field Directors are the campaign's boots on the ground in your community. We work to recruit volunteers and then empower them to take ownership of the campaign in their neighborhoods.

Broward County is a key area. What goals do you have for organizing there?

It's essential that Broward County have its full voice heard -- and that means right now we need to get organized into neighborhood teams. These teams will empower people to reach out to their own neighbors and make sure they know why it's so important to vote.

When do you start organizing in Broward County?


That’s great! Time for the lightning round then. You ready?

Let’s do this.

Madonna or Lady Gaga –  Lady Gaga

Favorite food –  Pie

Daily Show or Colbert Report –  Colbert Report

Monopoly or Scrabble –  Scrabble

Any advice for Fall Fellows?

Dive in head first. If you really commit to getting the most out of this program, you’ll discover you had skills you never knew you had -- and get ready to meet some of the greatest people. And, oh yeah, never forget sunscreen!

Meet Meaghan at an upcoming phone bank or other Broward County event. Click here to find one today.

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