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Putting the campaign in your hands — Mike from Cleveland

All across the state volunteer leaders are meeting in coffee shops and living rooms with team members from 2008 and new volunteers to make sure they are in for 2012. Mike, a volunteer from Cleveland, has been meeting with folks at a local Panera Bread and had this to share:

Today I went out to Brecksville, Ohio, to do some 1:1's with potential volunteers. My first one on one went very well, and Katie was really excited about volunteering in the near future.

Katie is IN for 2012

After that I had some downtime till my next appointment. To my surprise, Skip, a former team member in Brecksville, showed up at Panera looking for me! He had heard that I was having some meetings there from another potential volunteer, and wanted to meet me and touch base about 2012. This was great! So Skip and I ended up chatting for awhile, and after we exchanged contact info, we parted ways and I had my next 1:1.

— Mike from Cleveland

If you would like to join Mike, please contact Alynn Woischke, Regional Field Director, at [email protected].

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