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Putting the campaign in your hands — Tara from NW Ohio

Tara T., from Saint Mary’s, OH, is a current college student and Community Organizer in North West Ohio. She has been working to recruit new volunteers and provide them with the tools they need to make a positive difference in their community. She has been a voice for change on her campus and in her community, and this summer she will be one of 74 Summer Organizers. As a Summer Organizer, she will continue to expand her leadership and organizing skills so that she can empower others in her community to build strong neighborhood teams that will be the backbone of the 2012 campaign.

Tara Thobe

This campaign has always been about you, the volunteer, and the amazing things that can be accomplished when we work together. Whether it was knocking on doors in 2008, or asking our neighbors to call their Member of Congress during health insurance reform, because of ordinary people coming together, we have achieved extraordinary things. If you are ready to get involved, then join us at one of our many Grassroots Planning Sessions being held across the state by volunteer leaders like Tara. To find an event nearest you, click here, and be sure to check back often as GPS events are being added weekly.

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