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Putting the campaign in your hands — Robin from Toledo

Over the next several days, we will be highlighting volunteer leaders here in Ohio who have taken the campaign into their own hands. They are ordinary people, doing extraordinary things.

Robin D., of Toledo is just one example of an ordinary person doing extraordinary things. Robin has been organizing volunteers in her neighborhood since the march for health care reform. She understood that electing President Obama in November of 2008 gave us the opportunity to make real change in Washington. And that’s why for months she made calls and educated her neighbors about the need for health reform. She urged her friends and family to contact their members of Congress and make their voices heard.

Vol Leader Robin D. TB 201
Robin D., leading a session on Team Building at Camp OFA

In the summer of 2010, she was thrilled to learn that she had been hired as a field organizer for the 2010 Ohio Coordinated Campaign, “I feel like I have finally found my dream job.” Although election night was a tough night across the country, Robin was not deterred. She returned as a Community Organizer and is more committed than ever to building neighborhood teams and empowering other volunteers in her community to lead this campaign to victory in 2012.

To ensure that volunteers are empowered to lead this campaign, Robin and her teams are hosting a Grassroots Planning Session where you can learn about the strategy for 2012 and how you can get involved. You can join Robin by signing up to attend the Toledo GPS event. You can also find the GPS event nearest you by clicking here.

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