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Putting the campaign in your hands — Kelly from Cleveland

Last week, when President Obama was in Austin, TX addressing supporters, he said that this campaign would be in the hands of the same volunteers who did extraordinary things last time around. Here in Ohio, we have extraordinary volunteer leaders who have been organizing in their communities since he took office in January of 2009, and they are continuing to organize for 2012. Over the coming days, we would like to introduce you to just a few of these ordinary people who are doing extraordinary things.

Kelly S., of Parma, OH, has been working over the past several years to do whatever it takes to support President Obama’s vision for moving America forward. She made calls for health insurance reform and knocked on doors during the 2010 election. And now, she is committed to making sure that the President wins Parma in 2012. During her lunch hour she can be found making phone calls to 2008 volunteers or meeting one on one with new volunteers who are in for 2012.


This Saturday, Kelly and other supporters in her neighborhood will be coming together for a Grassroots Planning Session (GPS). Kelly and her team will be learning about the 2012 strategy and gathering input and ideas on how to tailor that strategy to their community. If you are an ordinary person, looking to do extraordinary things, then join Kelly this Saturday by signing up for the Grassroots Planning Sessions here. Not from Parma, but would like to get involved, you can find a GPS event being held near you by checking out this link. Be sure to check back throughout the month of June as events are being updated weekly.

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