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Putting the campaign in your hands — Justin from Butler County

Putting the campaign in the hands of volunteers across Ohio begins with great leaders, like Justin G., who helps to train and coach volunteers on all aspects of building a neighborhood team. Many of us are familiar with the traditional tools for growing your team: volunteer recruitment calls and team meetings. But last week, Justin led a training session on how new media tools, like the Events tool on, Facebook, and Twitter, can also help to build neighborhood teams.

Vol Leader Justin G. TB 101.2

In order to put this campaign in your hands, volunteer leaders, like Justin, will be hosting Grassroots Planning Sessions across the state. These planning sessions will ensure that everyone understands the strategy for winning in 2012 and that your voice is included in that planning. If you would like to join Justin for the Butler Grassroots Planning Session, you can sign up here. To check out other events happening across the state, just click here.

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