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Proud in Charlotte

The 2012 convention is hosting a record number of LGBT delegates, with over 500 proud Americans making their way down to Charlotte this week. As they look forward to hearing marriage equality announced as a part of the official party platform tonight, here’s what two people had to say on their way out of the LGBT Caucus:

“We talked about the need to re-elect President Obama because he stands for fairness and equality for everybody. And we listed the achievements he's done for the LGBT community that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan would wipe out in a matter of days. I think marriage equality a great addition, I think it's about time. It moves everyone forward, it moves no one backwards. And I'm proud it was done and supported by the President.”
—Rick from New Hampshire

“The caucus reaffirmed every reason why I'm here. I think Barack Obama is a fantastic candidate for the LGBT community. We need to get that message out loud and clear, not only to all the LGBT people who of course need to vote for him, but also the people who are our allies who support us but don't realize how different the campaigns are on our issues. I think that's our big challenge—to get organized, get ourselves together, and get the message out. When I first heard about [the Democrats adding same-sex marriage to the party platform], I started crying. I couldn't believe it. I'm going to be 60 years old soon, and I didn't think that I was ever going to see it in my lifetime. It was so exciting.”
—Jan, Michigan

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