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“Press On to Four More Years”

This was an incredibly inspiring weekend for our D.C. team as we convened on the National Mall for “Press On: Weekend of Action,” a title aptly inspired by the words of Dr. King in his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. Our team assembled over coffee and donuts before we headed out to the field to talk to potential voters. The morning was filled with the kind of energy that I imagine was cast over the National Mall that historic day on August 28, 1963 before Dr. King told the nation about his dream.

With an array of volunteers, we walked from 7th and Constitution all the way to the site where the Dr. King monument now stands. Over 10,000 people from across the country were gathered to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King and vocalize their support for President Obama. I overheard numerous event attendees liken the day to how they felt on the day that President Obama was inaugurated.

Led by our Ward 6 Neighborhood Team Organization and under the direction of our Fall Fellow Tiffany H., we walked past the Washington Monument, around the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, and past the National World War II Memorial to arrive on the grounds where the 30-foot stone image of Dr. King now stands. People attending the memorial dedication were just as excited to speak with our team as we were enthused to speak with them about the importance of this upcoming election and why it’s important for folks to join our efforts.

As we canvassed, the crowd began chanting “four more years, four more years, four more years,” in support of President Obama. It was a great moment. When President Obama and the First Family arrived to the dedication ceremony, the crowd continued chanting. And when he stepped on the stage, they kept at it. It was incredible.

President Obama took to the stage and talked passionately about Dr. King’s legacy of equality, fight for economic justice, and his dream of quality education for all Americans.

A Neighborhood Team directed our MLK canvassing activities, and through our “I’m in” campaign we signed up over 500 supporters. These are the folks who will be instrumental to our victory on Election Day in 2012, and they’re an example of the power of our Neighborhood Team Organizations. If you’re in for 2012, join the Neighborhood Team Organization in your Ward. You can sign up here to become a part of the teams that are leading this campaign. With your help, we can press on to four more years!

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