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President's Day in Austin

PresDay ATX2

Dozens of supporters in Central Texas came together to celebrate President’s Day with a phone bank at the Texas Democratic Party Headquarters. The goal of the phone bank was to recruit new volunteers and invite supporters to attend our local March 3rd day of action event. In total, 42 volunteers showed up and made 2,500 calls, averaging 64 calls per person. Considering the goal was 60 calls per person, our volunteers did an excellent job.

One of our Austin volunteers, Claudia B., worked with the data entry team. She volunteers because she believes the Obama campaign needs everyone to get involved. Claudia is an avid proponent of women’s rights and agreed when President Obama said, "The best judge of whether or not a country is going to develop is how it treats its women.”

PresDay ATX3

Jon H. was another data entry volunteer. He said he knew he would help after, then State Senator Obama, spoke at the 2004 Democratic convention. Jon saw President Obama in 2006 at a book signing and again at a speech during his first presidential campaign in 2007. He is strong supporter of the president and has actively participated in the Democratic party ever since.

For more details on upcoming events go to our events page. Follow us on Facebook at 'Obama For America- TX' and on Twitter at @OFA_TX.

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