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President Obama’s Policies Provide Shelter to Homeless Veterans

Vet. Terry Richards

We have a sacred trust with those who serve our nation. When brave men and women enlist to protect and defend our country, our commitment to them begins, and it must never end. We owe our veterans and their families the care they were promised and the benefits they have earned.

To that end, President Obama and the Veterans Administration have launched an initiative to eliminate homelessness among veterans by 2015. Already, the program has helped tens of thousands of homeless veterans find stable and permanent housing.

Terry Richards, a Vietnam-era veteran, is one such beneficiary.

[President Obama] has kept his promise to help homeless veterans. He’s done this by putting forward a federal strategic plan to prevent and end homelessness, and getting Congress to fund the VA with over 17,000 Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing vouchers for veterans who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless since he entered office. I am a proud recipient of such a voucher.

Now Mr. Richards “pays back” President Obama in the best way he knows how -- by phonebanking and spreading the message of his president. Join Terry at a phonebank to “pay back” our President for whatever benefits you are now receiving as a result of his policies.

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