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President Obama’s 50th Birthday: Neighbors in Lansing Pack the Room and Commit to Obama 2012

Lansing- Dozens of neighbors in Lansing and surrounding communities came out for an auspicious occasion. College students, seniors, grassroots activists, and new volunteers all came together to celebrate and to organize in honor of President Obama’s 50th birthday.


Attendees were treated to food and grassroots spirit at a local law firm that was nice enough to host the event. Lansing Summer Organizers worked tirelessly for two weeks to put the event together and saw their hard work rewarded.


“We’ve been planning this event for three weeks. We nailed down the location and then we started recruiting. We made hundreds of phone calls; send out e-mails, created the event on I even got an e-mail asking me to attend my own house meeting!” said Summer Organizer Erin B.

“I think it was a pretty big success. Team members from Eaton County got together; talked about the resistance the President has encountered in Washington, and made a commitment to do their part to give him four more years.”


The crowd started to cheer as President Obama addresses house meetings across the country through a live web chat organized specifically for our grassroots leaders. President Obama got a happy birthday song from a house meeting in North Carolina. The crowd got especially raucous as the President took his last question of the web chat from a house meeting in nearby Grand Rapids!


The Lansing summer organizers made sure to capitalize on the energy to make sure that attendees linked up with the neighborhood team leader in their neighborhood. “It’s important we all get involved and help build out these neighborhood teams” said Summer Organizer Caitlin O.

“We saw new faces and had good conversations. There’s hope for a new injection of enthusiasm.” said Lansing grassroots organizer Tyson C.

Attendees signed up to volunteer at upcoming team meetings, such as NTL Betty G.’s first meeting next Tuesday. They also signed up for phone banks, and voter registration events in the area. Many attendees stayed well after the speech to talk amongst their neighborhood team and plan their next meeting.

Missed out on the party but want to be part of the effort to organize Lansing? Click here to find one of the Lansing events planned tonight or an event in your neighborhood across the state. Be sure to check us out on Twitter and Facebook for more updates from our August 3rd house meetings.

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