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President Obama’s 50th Birthday Meetings in Alabama

Stars really did fall on Alabama last Wednesday night as supporters from Birmingham to Mobile and every place in between, celebrated President Obama’s 50th Birthday! The energy and enthusiasm ignited across cities, counties, towns and communities. The scenery was spectacular at every house party in the state…red white and blue decorated cakes, hats, balloons, t-shirts and even food. The weather also cooperated, it was a nice, warm night for folks to get out and celebrate with the President.

The President was telecasted live from Chicago and took time to speak directly to all his supporters, who were attending house parties around the country. He was in great spirits, took a few questions and told a few jokes. We think he was sporting a new hair cut too! The icing on the cake was his dynamic speech reminding us we still have challenges ahead, but, YES, WE CAN tackle those challenges and make America a better place for all people.

Nothing but positive comments from the president’s speech, many folks had never attended such a large celebration and were impressed he shared this special occasion with supporters. A long time supporter said “the reason why I'm here is because I wanted to be a part of his 2012 campaign." A new supporter was impressed with the President’s comments and stated she liked the idea of having more of a grassroots community effort instead of an individual approach.

Wednesday was a memorable night in Alabama…one we’ll never forget because we celebrated a milestone birthday with the President of the United States!

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