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President Obama: “When working people do well, everybody does well”

President Obama talked to a crowd of excited supporters in Glen Allen, Virginia today. Despite a brief downpour, supporters listened in as the President described why fighting for middle class tax cuts matters for the whole country:

What I've said to Congress is let's make sure that everybody who's making $250,000 a year or less, that your taxes don't go up. That's 98% of Americans. But let's ask folks like me who can afford it, the top 2%, to do a little bit more—so that we can still help young people go to college, so that we don't turn Medicare into a voucher system, so that we're still investing in basic research, so that we can still build roads and help folks with the housing situation.

Here's the thing I think the other side doesn’t understand: When working people do well, everybody does well. That means businesses have more customers. That is how we grow an economy—not by everybody just looking out for themselves, but by all of us coming together and working hard.

All these things, whether it's bringing manufacturing back, putting construction workers back to work, protecting health care, making sure our kids get the best education, caring for our veterans—all these things that make up a middle-class life, they all tie together. They're all central to that idea that if you work hard you can get ahead. That's the promise that our parents and our grandparents and our great-grandparents made to future generations.

Stand with President Obama—tell Congress to extend middle class tax cuts.

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