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President Obama visits Capital University in Ohio

President Obama in Columbus

"The degree that you earn from this university is the surest path that you will have to a good job and to higher earnings. It’s the best tool you’ll have to achieve what is the core promise of this country—the idea that if you work hard, your work will be rewarded. The basic bargain that says if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can do well enough to raise a family and have a home that you call your own, have some security, put a little away for retirement, and most importantly, make sure that your children, your grandchildren, can do even better and dream even bigger than you did. That’s the hope that your parents had for you. That’s the hope I have for Malia and Sasha. That’s the hope that you’ll someday have for your own kids."

Students and community members came out today to hear President Obama speak at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

Muna and VasudhaAfter the speech, Muna, a freshman at The Ohio State University, explained why she's volunteering for the President's campaign:

"I am trying the best I can to re-elect President Obama because he's making college more affordable. Thanks to financial aid and scholarships, I'm able to attend college without breaking the bank."

Vasudha, a New York University student originally from Ohio, agreed:

"I'm really excited that I'll be voting for the first time for President Obama. He's put a lot of funding into community colleges, which is great, and I think it'll be easier to get a job if Obama is re-elected."

"I'm really scared of a future where Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get elected," Muna continued. "Under their plan, I would have too much debt and I probably wouldn't be able to afford college, especially since I have older siblings who are also in college."

Amy, a Capital University senior, added, "I'm going to college on a Pell Grant, so I love that he doubled funding for the program. I feel like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan don't really address the issue of education as much as the President does."

EricEric, a high school senior from Delaware, said he's standing with President Obama because the President has his back:

"I'm thinking through applying for college now, and I like what President Obama has done to make college more affordable. I haven't seen anything from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan that indicates they would look out for us. I'm afraid that college would get even more expensive under their plan, and that's not something I can afford."

The President's work to make higher education more affordable has even earned him a few unexpected supporters, said Audra, a junior at Capital University.

"I have a friend who graduated college and is working, but she graduated with a lot of debt. She was able to push back the payment on her student loans. She's a Republican, but she told me, 'Obama has done right by me' when it came to student loans."

Read the President's full speech here—and check out the 2012 Stories page to meet more Americans who have seen the positive impact of his support for education.

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