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"President Obama understands our country's diverse needs."

John was inspired by President Obama’s message of hope and change in 2008. He’s even more enthusiastic now, having seen the progress in his community and the country.

“He’s the only real choice in this election. President Obama understands our country’s diverse needs and I think he has the potential to create even more change in the next four years.”

A pastor with a congregation in Southwest Detroit, John works with a large community of immigrants primarily from Mexico, Central America and the Middle East.

“Every day, I see the struggle they go through because our immigration system is so strict and confusing. I work with great young people who have a lot of talent. But they aren’t able to get legal status, so their opportunities are severely limited.”

Many of the young people John works with came to the United States as children. They want to become citizens, go to college and work to create better lives for themselves.

“What the President has done with deferred action is huge for our community. I know there are many things on his agenda for a second term, especially for young people. I hope he’ll continue to create avenues for citizenship that give them opportunities for school, work and a bright future.”

John is working with other ministries to make voter registration available to American citizens throughout the community. Register to vote - or if you're already good to go, commit to vote for President Obama on Election Day.

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