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President Obama: “These jobs aren’t fads, they’re our future”

President Obama in Haverhill, Iowa

As President Obama makes his way past Iowa’s farms and fields, one particular feature of the landscape looks a little different than it did in 2007. Since the President took office, the Hawkeye State has become the country’s leader in wind energy production—with the turbines to prove it.

So how does Mitt Romney feel about Iowa’s success in creating jobs and moving toward a cleaner energy future? The President spelled it out during today’s stop in Marshalltown.

[Governor Romney] said new sources of energy like these are “imaginary.” His running mate, Paul Ryan, calls them a “fad.” And then during a speech a couple months ago, Governor Romney explained his energy policy this way: “You can’t drive a car with a windmill on it.” That’s what he said about wind power …

But maybe he needs to come to Iowa to learn something about wind power. He’d know if he came here that 7,000 jobs have been created here in Iowa by the wind industry—more than any other state in America. These jobs aren’t fads, they’re our future. And we’ve got to stand up for them.

If he came to Iowa, he might know that not only are we putting up these windmills, but increasingly, they’re made here in Iowa. If he came here to Iowa, he might know that 20% of Iowa’s electricity now comes from wind energy. Over the past four years, America has doubled the amount of electricity that is produced from wind. And this is enough to power 13 million homes with clean and renewable energy. Think about that. It’s the equivalent of 12 Hoover Dams worth of electricity that’s being generated by wind power in this country.

Learn more about the President’s record on renewable energy, and check back for more updates from his Iowa bus tour.

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