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President Obama is working to give Americans more

President Obama is doing his part in the effort to give hard-working Americans a raise—now he's calling on people who agree with him to make their voices heard. This week, he sent a personal note to OFA supporters, asking them to sign the petition for a higher minimum wage.

Read it here:

Here's a fact: Right now, someone who works full time making the federal minimum wage earns just $14,500 a year.

The minimum wage hasn't kept up with the rising cost of living.

Today, OFA is collecting signatures on a petition to give Americans a raise.

Hundreds of thousands have signed it. This is important -- have you added your name?

When more than seven in 10 Americans agree that this is the right thing to do, it's frustrating that 41 senators would prevent a vote and stand in the way of giving 28 million hard-working Americans a raise.

Nearly two-thirds of workers making minimum wage or less are women, and about 80 percent of them are over the age of 20.

So, let's get organized.

Petitions have been a powerful organizing tool since well before I got my start in politics. Every signature represents a constituent's voice. That's something every elected official understands.

OFA volunteers plan to deliver this petition to any lawmaker across the country who has the power to raise the minimum wage.

Here's where you can make sure your name is included:

Barack Obama

Help give America a raise: Add your name in support of a higher minimum wage.

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