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Did you see President Obama's note?

President Obama sent a message to supporters today asking them to pledge to take action in 2014. Read his message:

On January 1st, our nation turns a corner on health care—and we're never going back.

From here on, no American should have to go broke just because they get sick. You can't be dropped from your plan when you need it most. Pre-existing conditions will never prevent someone from getting coverage, and women can't be charged more than men for their plans.

And for millions of Americans, affordable, quality coverage is finally within reach. I am so proud of that. And I have people like you to thank, truly. Fundamental change like this doesn't happen just because people believe it's the right thing to do. It happens because people like you, and organizations like OFA, fight for it—no matter how hard it gets.

That's why we don't just fight the good fight—we stay at it until we win.
He's right—2014 should be a year of action. Pledge to take action and keep fighting for change.

Pledge to take action in 2014
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