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President Obama on the road in Sandusky, Ohio

Following the bus tour stop in Maumee, President Obama headed to Sandusky’s Washington Park. Ice cream in hand, supporters grabbed a seat at a picnic table, or pulled up a folding chair, to listen in as the President shared his inspiration in fighting for the middle class.

[Our] family story was all about this basic idea in America that if you work hard, you can make it if you try here in this country.

And that idea, that basic bargain, is what brought me to politics—because what I realized was that all the opportunities that I had been getting, there were too many young people out there who weren't getting those same opportunities—folks who were working just as hard as my grandparents or my parents did that they were finding themselves making less money working harder, while the cost of health care or the cost of college or the cost of groceries were going up.

And so my belief was that I had to participate and fight on behalf of the middle class that had given me so much, so that the next generation would be able to have those same opportunities.

After the speech, a few audience members shared what the President’s visit meant to them:

“It’s really special that it’s here in my hometown. It means he recognizes Sandusky is as important as Cleveland or any other big city. He always says the same thing: The middle class matters. That’s why he’s in office and that’s why I’m here," explained John.

Karen, a local volunteer, said:

“I’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the President before. Obviously we all want him to win and this is a great way to rev everybody up and get everyone excited for his campaign, and I hope people will come out and knock on doors and maybe come to meetings and participate.”

“We are super excited, there are tons of volunteers from all over the area," added Jody, also a volunteer. "It means a lot to us—these rural counties here in Ohio are so important and I think every one of us here is here for the same reason: We know that it’s up to us to get him the votes he needs, and we’re real happy to be there and to do that for him."

Stay tuned for more from the Betting on America bus tour.


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