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"President Obama is still fighting"

Jill, Virginia

"Four years ago, my husband lost his job, and a few months later my mother got laid off as a public school teacher. My husband and I ended up having to put our house on the market and move to a new town so he could find a job. Not long after that, I found out I was going to have a baby. The scariest day of my pregnancy was when an insurance representative told me my pregnancy might be considered a pre-existing condition.

"Four years ago, we had a candidate who was speaking to the issues that mattered to me and my family—the job crisis, the housing mess, and health care reform. I knew Barack Obama was the person who would fight for me, so I decided I would fight for him.

"I paid a babysitter to take care of my kids once a week so that I could go down to my local Obama field office. I made phone calls, entered data into the computer, and passed out Get Out the Vote flyers at the local grocery store.

"President Obama worked hard to expand unemployment benefits for families like mine who had taken a hit from a bad economy. He cut our payroll taxes to help our tight family budgets. He passed legislation to help homeowners struggling with their mortgages. He passed the Affordable Care Act so that no woman will ever again be told her pregnancy isn’t covered because it’s a pre-existing condition.

"My story has a happy ending. My husband and I have great jobs and our children are happy and healthy. But there are many people who are still struggling. Many of us are still climbing out of that deep hole we fell into four years ago.

"That is why President Obama is still fighting. That is why I, and so many of my friends and neighbors in Woodbridge and all over Virginia are still fighting, too.

"You can do it, too."

Jill, Virginia

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