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“President Obama is fighting for students”

Aryn, Florida

"For my mom to send three kids to college, especially two in the same year, it's hard. President Obama's doubling of Pell Grants and making student loans more affordable is going to help our family immensely.

"I signed up to volunteer after my friend invited me to an office opening in Palm Beach. It was an amazing event. I knew I wanted to get involved so I used my summer at home to do something productive and life changing.

"President Obama is doing everything he can to help young Americans and middle-class Americans like me and my family. I don't want to leave college with a massive amount of debt, and a Romney presidency would mean exactly that.

"When Mr. Romney said you could 'borrow money from your parents' to pay for school, I was shocked.

"I couldn't believe he thought that people who couldn't afford college should just ask for money from their parents. The reality of the situation is that my mother doesn't have the money to just let me 'borrow.' President Obama is fighting to make sure that my parents can retire with dignity and aren't buried in debt just because they want me and my sisters to go to college.

"I'm sure Mitt Romney wants a better America, but you have to ask yourself, ‘Who does he want a better America for?’ President Obama is fighting for students, women, the middle class—all kinds of people. That's why I'm voting for Barack Obama.”

Aryn, a student at Florida State University

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