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President Obama in Ohio, 50 days out

President Obama in Cincinnati

With just 50 days to go until Election Day, Ohioans came out yesterday to hear from President Obama in Cincinnati and Columbus—and a few Buckeye State residents shared why they can't wait to cast their ballots for the President this fall.

Jerome, customer service representative:

“I believe in him. Whether it’s health care, equal pay for equal work, or the economy, he’s moving this country forward. My cousin has diabetes and is a double amputee—affordable health care is extremely important to him. The fact that he won't be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition is huge. Mitt Romney would take this country’s health care backwards.

"I’m voting for President Obama because I think he’s the right guy for the job."

Jodi, psychotherapist:

“We have the same values, and he’s delivered for America. He’s inclusive and has tried to be as bipartisan as possible. He knows that we need to work together to raise each other up.

"My son is an Iraq War veteran—and it was absolutely shocking that Mitt Romney didn’t mention our wars overseas [during his convention speech]. President Obama has done a fantastic job serving our servicemembers when they come home.

"I’m signed up to early vote, and I love the idea of committing to vote early. I think it’s important that Ohioans take part. Not only have I committed to vote, but I’ve also committed to help out on Election Day.

"I’m voting for President Obama because he’s a great leader and president."

Bob, electrician/computer technician and small business owner:

“The number one reason I support President Obama is because of the economy. He’s created tons of jobs here in Ohio and in America. If Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected, our jobs might get shipped overseas. The middle class would get sold out. President Obama is fighting for us, and he’s been through the same struggles we have.

"It’s important for people to be prepared to vote, to bring the right identification, and to know the voting laws.

"I’m voting for President Obama because he’s the right man to get our economy back on track.”

Diane, retired school assistant:

“I started volunteering for the St. Bernard neighborhood team earlier this year, knocking on doors and making phone calls, and I’ve been loving it. My husband convinced me to do it.

"I’m volunteering because if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are elected in November, the rich will get richer, and the middle class will just get lost. They don't have a handle on what’s going on in America. They're out of touch.

"I love hearing President Obama speak, and that he encouraged people to come out and vote. We need to make sure every Ohioan makes it to the polls. I think it’s important for everyone to vote early, because you never know what could come up.

"I’m voting for President Obama because he’s moving America forward."

Chelsea, college student:

“I support him because he supports me. He has the right ideas when it comes to college affordability, and he’s taking us in the right direction. The cost of college is outrageous right now, and I have student loans and a lot of debt. The President’s work to make student loans easier to pay off helps me tremendously.

"I’m voting for President Obama because I love his ideas."

June, small business owner:

“I own my own little taxi business. I support President Obama because he cares about America—the poor, and the middle and working class. He’s doing things to improve the nation for everyone. I’ve seen the effects of his tax cuts and credits firsthand. I have a daughter who goes to Cincinnati State University, and the reason we can afford it is because of her Pell Grant.

"President Obama is an honest man who loves America; he’s dedicated to making things better. He’s relentless in pursuing what he believes is right—helping children, working Americans, small business owners, veterans, and moving our country forward. I’m fired up, and from today on I’m going down to my local office to make phone calls and knock on doors. We need to re-elect President Obama to keep our country moving forward."

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