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President Obama in Iowa: Day two

President Obama in Knoxville

President Obama says “hello” to a young supporter at Coffee Connection in Knoxville, Iowa

The President is two days, five speeches, and five cities into his bus tour through the Hawkeye State. Iowans from Council Bluffs to Waterloo have lined up to shake his hand, give him a tour of the family farm, offer him a smoothie—and no one is showing signs of slowing down. Supporters are turning out by the thousands, the President is more fired up with every stop. By the end of the last speech on Tuesday evening, the audience had jumped to their feet before he had reached the final lines.

“I was one of the first people to shake his hand when he spoke here in Waterloo in 2007, and I’m here cheering him on today. So it is exciting, yes,” said Nancy, a retired nurse who was in the audience at the riverfront.

“It’s very exciting,” agreed David, an attorney who had brought his family along to see the President. “I think he’s done as good a job as we can expect with the economy given where he started and the roadblocks that have been thrown up by Congress. I think he’s done a great job with national security issues. Obviously health reform was big. And I’m looking forward to his second term and doing more for education and the environment.”

Becky, a retired schoolteacher, headed to rural Oskaloosa Tuesday morning for the event with President Obama. When asked what brought her out, she didn’t hesitate:

“I wanted to bring my grandsons here to experience the President. Their mother helped with the campaign four years ago, and President Obama called her personally and said, ‘I want to thank you for the work that you did,’ because she helped with the caucus. So that really impressed us—somebody who cares that much.

Becky and her grandchildren

“It’s pretty exciting, and I hope people are just as excited today as they were in 2007. He’s done the best he possibly could, and he’s changed so many things. I hope people look at that and realize that he’s definitely the best choice.”

“He’s just trying to rally everyone together and get us to stand together and get this nation straightened out,” added Kyle, a school district employee.

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