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President Obama in Iowa City: “We don’t go forward without you”

President Obama at the University of Iowa

President Obama and Vice President Biden visited the University of Iowa yesterday, where a crowd of supporters welcomed them back to the state with the chant “I-O-W-A, Barack Obama all the way!”

President Obama:

"If you give up on the idea that your voice makes a difference, then other voices fill the void—the special interests, the lobbyists, the folks who write $10 million checks to run all those negative ads, the people who are trying to make it harder for you to vote, the politicians who want to decide who you can marry, or want to control health care choices that women should be making for themselves—you’ll leave it up to them to make decisions.

"Only you can make sure that doesn't happen. When you see that sign that says, "Forward," we don't go forward without you. Only you have that power, and I’m depending on you to use that power."

Vice President Biden:

"Folks, this president is going to level the playing field again and bring the middle class back in the game for a change. He knows how America was built. He knows it was built by the growing, great middle class.

"You folks in Iowa and you folks on campus know the President better than about anybody in any state, and you know he only has one gear: Forward, forward, forward."

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