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“President Obama gave me a chance to succeed”

Kristen, Washington“As a busy college student with enough bills to pay, I was thrilled when President Obama passed the Affordable Care Act. Not only am I now able to stay on my parents’ insurance, enabling me to focus my energy on my education, but I am able to stay on their insurance until the age of 26, giving me the time to find a job and earn my masters degree before having to find my own insurance.

“Even more than that, though, the President’s health reform has made it a reality for me to even have health insurance.

“I have Graves’ disease, a hormonal condition which, before the Affordable Care Act, would give insurance companies a reason to deny me coverage. Thanks to our president, I no longer have to worry about being at the mercy of my insurer’s whims. Obama has given me a chance to succeed in life without the worry of living uninsured, and I plan to use that chance to its fullest.

“I’m in for Barack Obama because he realizes there’s more to America than numbers and business. He knows that social change and health insurance are necessary if we are to succeed as a nation. He knows what he’s doing, and I know who’ll I’ll be casting my first vote for in this election.”

—Kristen, Washington

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