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President Obama: Fighting for First Responders

People across the country have been sharing what President Obama’s jobs plan would mean for them.

For Matthew, a paramedic and firefighter from Maryland, the President's plan would make an immediate difference.

“The last two years have been tough,” says Matthew. “Firefighters have had to be furloughed and have been forced to accept pay cuts. Older firefighters have retired early so that the younger ones could keep their jobs.”

The American Jobs Act would help Matthew and other first responders stay on the job, but Republicans in the Senate have been blocking its passage—something that doesn’t make much sense to Matthew.

“This bill would put Americans back to work with American jobs. Anyone who votes against this plan needs to explain why they oppose something that would help so many people.”

Matthew’s message to folks who support the President’s plan to get Americans back to work is simple: make your voices heard.

“The President needs to keep fighting Congress to get this passed. But people need to stand up and be proud to support this plan—if this is something you believe in, you need to tell people about it and let Congress know that the public is standing behind the President.”

Stories like Matthew’s are why President Obama refuses to take no for an answer on jobs. Take a moment to share yours.

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