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President Obama and small businesses: Stephanie Cutter separates fact from fiction

Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter sent an email to supporters to set the record straight on President Obama's commitment to small businesses:

Mitt Romney has been pushing a deliberately misleading attack against President Obama—and we all need to get the facts out now.

Romney claims the President told entrepreneurs they didn't build their own businesses—an attack the Washington Post called "ridiculous." If you've seen the President's actual remarks, you know that all the President said was that, together, Americans built the free enterprise system we all benefit from.

President Obama has consistently fought for small businesses and entrepreneurs—he knows the American middle class was built by hardworking people turning ideas into successful businesses. But if the Romney campaign wants a debate about who'll step up to support small business, we're ready.

This isn't the first time the Romney campaign has twisted the President's words. It won't be the last. But every time they do this, we need to call them out—and this time is no different.

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