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President Obama and President Clinton kick off New Hampshire's final push


"That’s why I need you, New Hampshire... to make sure your voices are heard. We have come too far to turn back now." – President Barack Obama, Concord NH

Melissa and Noah

Michelle and Noah were the first in line to see President Obama and President Clinton.


”I was one of the first-time voters who supported Barack Obama in 2008. This time around, I got involved as a volunteer. As a local phone bank captain, I’ll be making calls to New Hampshire voters on Election Day and then start calling voters out west once our polls close. I believe that every moment counts this close to the election. That’s while I’ll be canvassing after the event today.


Becky is an local Obama supporter who brought along her undecided husband Dana, hoping that hearing the President speak first-hand would help solidify his vote.


“New Hampshire is such a great place for politics, because we really get a first-hand experience. I’ve supported Obama since he ran in 2008. Healthcare, economy, education -- those are the three top reasons I support the president. In ten years, we'll be faced with paying for college for our kids. Right now, we're working on paying healthcare costs. There are just so many things that President Obama has done to help the middle class."

Heather and Lucy brought along their daughters, knowing this election will influence their futures.

Heather and Lucy


“It's your responsibility to get out and vote. Especially if you have children -- it’s important to set a good example, but its even more important to ensure they have a President that is looking out for their future.”


“I’ve mostly voted Republican in the past. But this time around, I can't vote for a party whose platform is sending us back in time on the most important issues. As a woman, I just can not cast my vote for Mitt Romney.”

mary ann-1 copy

Mary Ann and Nancy are volunteers in Concord who were excited that President Obama was coming to their hometown.

Mary Ann:

"Coming here this morning feels like the inauguration back in 2009. Walking down Main Street here in concord reminded me of walking toward the Capitol -- on a smaller scale, of course. All these people gathered at dawn, for the same reason. It’s really an inspiration feeling when so many people unite together for a common reason.”


Dianna brought her children to see to experience a this historic moment in New Hampshire.


"I'm not a very political person, but this election is important. I'm voting for president Obama because he's the right choice for my family. He has proven his commitment to issues like education that tend to get overlooked. He understands how important it is to make sure children have access to quality education."


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