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Prepare Yourself with Training at an OFA CA Office

Office Training

It’s Wednesday October 17th and there are less than three weeks until Election Day. With the second debate last night and the final one this coming Monday, now is a crucial time to arm yourself with the skills you need to be an effective volunteer for President Obama.

Every weekday between now and the election, OFA-California is holding volunteer trainings at campaign offices all over the state. Most trainings take no more than an hour or two and many are being held in the early evening for people who want to attend post-work.

If you step up now and attend a training, you will be able to help lead the massive grassroots coalition that is rapidly increasing as we get closer to November 6th. You do not want to wake up on November 7th and wish you had done more to ensure President Obama is re-elected for a second term.

View a list of trainings and RSVP for one near you today. If you can't make any of these trainings, check out the list of all the OFA CA offices and stop by. There are always volunteers and staffers ready for you.

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